Monday, February 14, 2011


I am excited to present LOVE, SEX, AND FAMILY, my new online resource center devoted to holistic human sexuality information. The resources I've selected reflect my own values and interests in gender equality, not only the commitment to break free from traditional gender roles and stereotypes about women’s and men's sexuality, but also in creating a new gender democratic discourse for sexuality. All resources are intended to inform and inspire.

Catering to adults who value a positive and healthy sexual life, we've also included resources that can help adults educate children and youth about their own sexuality. Check our LSF Amazon Shop and Shop Good Vibrations® Page for DVDs and books that I've gathered and personally recommend. 

LOVE, SEX, AND FAMILY is currently a work in progress, but it is my hope that the site will grow to be a substantial resource for you all. In the meantime, continue checking quizzical mama and new porn by women where I write more about love, sex, and family.

Happy Valentine's Day,
Anne G. Sabo

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  1. I can remember flying back to the United States from Vietnam with Paul, then 10 months. Two weeks earlier we had flown over there, a married couple, eagerly anticipating seeing Vietnam and getting our new son. We took a little honeymoon together during our free time, touring the city, even sitting on the beach of the South China Sea. We couldn't wait to get Paul and be a complete family together.

    On the way back Paul alternately slept and cried, my husband had a full-blown head cold, and I popped up and down to feed, walk with, diaper, and generally minister to this baby who was a stranger to me. I noticed younger people around me, single or married, childless, looking at me. They had an expression on their faces that I remembered well: the look that people without children give to those with small children in public. I realized in that moment that I had stepped across a great divide, and that no matter how totally unprepared I was for this new role, I was on the other side of it. My former self was standing across the abyss, looking at me quizzically, as if I were some sort of exotic species that was vaguely interesting but overall rather off-putting.

    People who knew about our adoption plans--parents--told us that nothing can prepare you for this. I didn't like hearing that; I was used to studying up on things and getting the lowdown. But they were right. Your childless friends don't have a clue, and you as a childless friend didn't have a clue. There's really nothing anyone can do about it, except acknowledge that you don't know what you don't know.


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