Friday, July 20, 2012

final summer bravado: first romantic getaway as parents

On this last morning of work before we head off on vacation, I've finished up a few things I had to do this week for an erotic film festival I'm co-curating. I was also going to work on an abstract for an article on the speed limits of women's desire in Norway. Instead I've found myself googling fun and romantic things to do in Denver, Colorado where Leighton and I will be spending a few days and nights while Lilly gets to visit her grandma and grandpa in Wyoming. It'll be our first couple's only vacation after Lilly was born and we are all very excited. I'm hoping it stays that way, and that we won't get a phone call with a crying child on the other end begging us to come get her. She had her first sleepover at a friend's house a couple of weeks ago while we went out to celebrate our five-year wedding anniversary, and we all had a wonderful time that night, so I'm hopeful. 

I'm particularly excited about the romantic date nights we've got planned, getting hungry just looking at all the mouthwatering pictures from recommended restaurants, such as Le Central (French food, French wine, French desserts... nothing says romance like a French bistro... Call ahead to reserve a spot in the delightful garden room at the back of the eatery for a French countryside ambiance); Cuba Cuba (Cuba Cuba offers traditional Cuban fare in a cozy setting — plus they serve Denver's best Mojitos. Dine by candlelight on the patio for that perfect date ambiance); Highland's Garden (Soak in the quiet ambiance of the restaurant while savoring the fine dining. After a sumptuous meal, stroll hand-in-hand through the gardens and take in the sights of the lush gardens); Tamayo (A rooftop deck that affords gorgeous views of the Front Range... This sleek, contemporary Mexican restaurant is appreciated equally for its to-die-for margaritas and tequilas and its unexpected, delicious takes on old standards); and Sushi Den (Wonderful, high-quality dishes are sure to please, and fresh fish is flown in daily — a practice that makes for a slightly pricier, but more than worthy, menu. The modern decor encourages trendy crowds to visit over sake, sushi, and sashimi).

Our hotel is in the Cherry Creek area where we can stroll along the creek after breakfast and do some crazy damage at the shopping mall updating our wardrobes. There's a fitness facility and pool at the hotel; what a treat to actually exercise together again! And to sleep in (if our bodies let us), or in either case enjoy the spaciousness of a king sized bed TO OURSELVES after spending nights out late, perchance strolling down 16th Street Mall (Walk hand-in-hand down Denver's pedestrian mall, draped in lights and dotted with outdoor cafes and street musicians), catching a show or two, taking a late night stroll through a park with a lake (don't forget a bottle of wine), and watching the sunset from Peaks Lounge (Make your way to the 27th floor of the Regency downtown and grab a seat in Peaks Lounge. Position yourself in front of the massive windows and enjoy one of the city’s best views of the sunset over the Rockies with a fine wine in your glass and a decadent dessert on your plate).

I won't be trying to squeeze in any time for writing or blogging here or elsewhere for the next ten days, because after our romantic fling in Denver, we'll be joining the family in Wyoming where we'll spend some time with them. Lilly's been saying she wants to play golf (?!) while we're there and drive around in the mountains. I imagine hot days will also see visits to the pool and cooling off at night with drinks on the patio. And there'll be more scrumptious dining. I'm hoping to also find some yoga classes to attend and I look forward to some hiking.

We'll be facing August when we get back from our trip but I'm trying not to think too much about that. Come August, I'll have to kick back into more serious work mode, which I fear will take quite a bit of effort seeing as is I've been taking time off from work since the middle of May. The fact that my book is scheduled to be released on Amazon US in the middle of the month (the official publication date is not till October 26 though), and that I'll be emceeing at the erotic film festival I'm co-curating at the beginning of September, there will surely be a significant amount of stress forcing me to get my act together.

But summer has been oh so sweet to me this year. Putting all work responsibilities aside, I will savor its last bravado.

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