Friday, October 28, 2011

when my three-year-old daughter got her period

Bathroom moment
"I have bled a lot," she told me (in Norwegian) the other day we were in the bathroom; "so I need to change my pad." It had been a while since I had my period (and I was crossing fingers), so her words came completely out of the blue to me.

There's something very odd and amusing at the same time to hear your three-year-old tell you she got her period (mensen). Especially at a time when I would rather not get mine. I've in fact been turning hopeful I would not be getting it for my wished for reasons. I've been feeling all the right signs: an overwhelming sense of fatigue, nausea, headaches.

Yesterday, I finally took a pregnancy test. I was four days overdue and I've been regular as a clock since I got my period back this past spring after a nearly four-year hiatus.

I could have saved that test. Later in the day, I got my period.

Joy upon the period's first return this spring
I was sad. But also, frankly, relieved. Because earlier in the day, I'd been worrying my body has gotten so run down from our long spell of illness that my period had left me. For good. Or at least taken yet another long hiatus until my body was restored to better health.

I still feel a little sad though. But I try to let some of Lilly's excitement over her "period" lift my spirits if only by a touch.

If anything, we're in it together. And if she can pretend-play a "period" with earnest pride, then I can pretend-play pride in my period.

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