Friday, June 10, 2011

summertime means pool time

Photo: The Middle Bit
The pool opens this weekend, which means summer is officially here. And time to dig out that bikini again. The other day, a friend and fellow mama blogger at The Middle Bit asked for my permission to include a photo of me in her forthcoming book, describing it as "a photograph of a confident young mom in a fabulous red bikini." Of course I was flattered, but as I pointed out to her, whereas she saw me as a "good looking mom" in that bikini, I was in fact feeling like a bony and potbellied old monkey slogging my body around.

That said, I fondly remember last summer's Friday mornings at the pool  when it was reserved for young children, hanging out with my friends and our kids. Picnics and lazy afternoons pushing nap time back, savoring the sun, the conversation, and then home for a crash two-hour nap for Lilly and some time for me to read on the porch.

I am hopeful about this summer. The sun has always been a good competitor to work for me, tempting me outside. And I want summers to be different. To have time off for spontaneous outings, not to be on a schedule.

This summer is already looking so much better. I don't find myself worrying so much about her running away or into the street the way I did last year. On good days when she needs me less with her outside, she'll find her toys in the garage: her trike and chalk and bubbles. She'll play in the sandbox. Slide a little. Look at the growing plants and flowers. Hopefully without causing too much devastation. She loves playing with our neighbors' ten-year old daughters (I love that they will play with her). I've even been able to sit by myself in the sun this way (for a brief half hour, but still). Or get dinner ready while looking out on her playing. Or sneak type on my laptop by the kitchen counter.

I want to do less of that this summer. It's summer, which should be about fun and relaxing together. I am officially taking a break cutting back on my work time, at least when I'm with her. Next week, preschool begins for her, giving me those sacred dependable morning hours. So I'm not lowering my goals (on the contrary, but I'm not going to spell that out).

I envision super-productive morning hours writing at the house or the library, then picking her up for a picnic at the pool where we'll stay for a couple of hours or so. Or play in the park with friends, or at home in the backyard, maybe garden a little. And I look forward to outdoor concerts at the Walker Art Center, picnics by the lake, outdoor barbecues, lounging on the porch.

Summer's here. It's been a long time coming; let's bring it on.


  1. Yay! You're gorgeous! Summer is here! See you at the pool...or for cocktails in the yard sometime? We'll set the girls up with some mud and do a little slinging of our own!


  2. I would love that! -- Both!!


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