Saturday, April 30, 2011

lubricated parenting

On a particularly warm, sunny spring day earlier this week, at a mama meet-up in a park where kids played and us mamas shared bits and pieces from our daily lives, I mused to my friend that a margarita at that moment wouldn't hurt. This inspired further ideas about bringing tumblers with sinful concoctions to our group playdates in the Arboretum this summer, resurrecting, as my friend said, "the rock mamas," doing it together with lubrication on hand.

I'm a longtime fan of the cocktail hour, to help that witching hour pass. My current strategy for dealing with those terribly long last hours of the afternoon is to let Lilly watch one of her movies after she naps or has quiet time (on those days she refuses to nap). We sit next to each other on the couch, she watching her movie as I try to squeeze in a little more work and also cater to her needs (are all kids starving after nap?). When that's done, it's usually time to move on to dinner preparation; and hopefully Leighton's right around the corner.

When he gets home, I mix us both a cocktail (that is, if I haven't already been sipping on mine). Then he plays with Lilly in the living room, and I finally get some space to myself in the kitchen as I cook, lubricated.

When Leighton came home from work the other day before the above conversation took place, it was also a warm sunny day. He immediately asked for a gin & tonic in a tumbler, so he could take it to sip on while playing outside with Lilly before dinner. Lubricated parenting.

Lest you think we exclude Lilly from the fun, she's as big a fan of the cocktail hour ritual as we are, requesting her own special drink: yellow (apple juice and water) or red (raspberry juice and water). On those sunny days that just sing summer and margaritas, she gets to shake her own cocktail in a miniature shaker and pour her concoction (lemon juice, water and sugar) into a salt-rimmed glass with ice. Add a straw. And Cheers!

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  1. Kids need to stay very active that's why I encouraged her to try gymnastics. Thanks.


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