Friday, March 25, 2011

ever feel like you're being stalked by a toddler?

I love sharing my bed with Lilly, but in the morning I'm in serious need for some space to myself. To at least make coffee. Have some breakfast. Ideally check my e-mail real quick.

Yesterday morning, I was at my wits end; not only was I being stalked by my toddler, she was literally standing on my slippers at one point as I was trying to pour myself a cup of coffee. Being sick with a banging headache, I didn't feel much like the scream and feel better approach. Instead I texted a mama in arms: "Ever feel like you're being stalked by a toddler?" Right away a text popped up in return: "You have good timing. I was about to scream, you made me laugh."

Perhaps sometimes a text message is all you need to regain some sanity.


  1. Totally made me smile, too, Anne! You just described my week! :)

  2. Another mama in arms! Thanks, Catherine! :)

  3. Ooo! I'd love to count myself one of your fellow mamas in arms...but alas...I can't...I have too many children in my arms Every. Single. Minute. If I scream, will it make me feel better? Or maybe it will just make them retreat for a minute. Maybe I should embrace my inner scary.

  4. Nancy; what happened to your jar of spatulas? ;)

  5. Hah! They are wooden spoons, and I use them All. The . Time.


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