Wednesday, January 12, 2011

party with kids

I have fond memories from when I was a kid of being with my parents at their parties. I loved how their friends would come over with their kids, and how after dinner, the kids would play in the family room while the adults would drink and dance and be merry. I just loved seeing them all festive and happy, enjoying themselves, taking a break from the nagging routine of everyday life.

We hosted a Norwegian Christmas tree party this past weekend and it was such a blast for so many reasons. Firstly, it was a thrill for me to share this tradition with friends here, dancing and singing around the tree singing songs. But lo and behold, with about a dozen kids at our tiny (850 sq. ft.) house, all of a sudden, no child was in sight and the adults got to talk and enjoy their snacks and drinks while all the kids--except for one tiny baby who apparently was content sleeping in whose ever arms--played happily in Lilly's room.

It was am amazing experience. Not only may dance parties soon be in sight, I got to feel like an adult person at a party, all dressed up, and no snot streaks to show (runny noses on kids seem a fixture of winter).

This was an important milestone for us. Since we can't afford to pay someone to watch Lilly, we barely get a date and that night I felt like I was on a date with Leighton at a real party with good friends. What a treat; I hope there are more in store in the near future.

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