Sunday, October 10, 2010

the terrific twos

That's what they call it at ECFE, and I'm beginning to think they might have a point. After a good two-year stretch of intense care and feeding, as in nursing, night and day, I suddenly feel that it's become more of me holding on to this precious stage of stimulating and rewarding teaching opportunities, play, and interacting. Yes, there's the testing of boundaries and the challenge of sharing toys with friends, but I just love how being with her now is no longer just about intense care. We can do so many more things together that are fun for all of us, my husband and I included. And she remembers things that stand out to her as fun and talks about them day after day.

Like the pumpkin we bought last weekend at Sogn Valley Craft Fair. And how she danced to the live music there. Or the river (the loud water fall, on the other hand, seemed to scare her a bit) and all the leaves she saw at Big Woods on our weekend hike.

Yesterday, we took the historical trolley ride in Minneapolis between Lake Harriet and Lake Calhoun. Not only was it fun for all, but it seems to have cured her fear of trains that occurred on a day trip to Pepin, Wisconsin earlier this summer where the train goes through VERY loudly and right in your face.

We also had a picnic by the lake and visited a bookstore (in the Linden Hills neighborhood) with a door-in-the-door just for kids (plus lots of live animals chasing around inside, including hens, cats, rats, doves, and lizards, to name a few).

We concluded with ice cream at Sebastian Joe's, Lilly climbing the tortoise in the court yard with some older kids.

Before conking on a bench with her papa and baby by our car.

So sure, these things are weekend fun things, but every weekday seems packed with more fun. Like watching the garbage truck come by.

So what do you think, what's most fitting for this stage, "terrible twos" or "terrific twos"? Lilly's not yet thrown a full blown tantrum, hopefully she never will (am I being naive?). What's your experience?

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  1. Ahhh, our favorite kids' bookstore and favorite ice cream shop! (We have photos of our girls on the turtle too!) :) Glad you liked them.


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