Tuesday, August 3, 2010

the spirituality of parenting

Public radio's Krista Tippett recently interviewed rabbi Sandy Sasso for a program on Tippett's Speaking of Faith show titled "The Spirituality of Parenting." I highly recommend it. For a transcript of the interview, click here, or to download, listen to the program and find more resources, including a discussion guide to continue the conversation, click here. Below is a blurb about the program from the program's website:

"How do parents and grandparents nurture the spiritual and moral awareness of the children in our lives? Rabbi Sandy Sasso has written books that help children and adults of many backgrounds discuss religion and ethics together. The spiritual life, she says, begins not in abstractions, but in concrete, everyday experiences we are already encouraging in our children — for example, reading."

A friend and fellow mama recommended these books to me when I mentioned the program to her: Parenting Beyond Belief, god bless the gargoyles, and The Three Questions.

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